Nara Lokesh arrested – Galla Jayadev house arrested!

Amidst the protests in Amaravathi, TDP leader Gadde Rammohan Rao started a 24 hours relay Deeksha in support of the farmers and the workers. Nara Lokesh along with few other TDP leaders visited the Deeskha site and extended their support.

On the way back, Nara Lokesh was taken into custody by the Police department. Along with Nara Lokesh few other TDP politicians were arrested. Galla Jayadev was house arrested for almost 5 hours and the same is the situation with several TDP leaders.

Chandra Babu Naidu came on to the media and demanded the Police department to release all the arrested people. He further questioned the Police department on why they were house arresting TDP leaders for supporting the victims of the change in capital city.

Meanwhile, YSRC is busy searching for land and buildings in Vizag for the AP secretariat. Stay tuned to know the latest updates on the moves of TDP and YSRC on the capital city issue.