Naidu shocked to meet this man with bleeding shirt

Naidu Shocked To Meet This Man With Bleeding Shirt

Let us say we need to meet people for whatever reason. And then one of them appears from nowhere with their clothes filled with blood. Just imagine the shock that goes through us to understand what exactly is happening around us? Yes, the same situation was faced by Chandra Babu Naidu when he met a visitor who has come to meet him with his shirt full of blood.

This man goes straight to TDP office. Meets Naidu and pours out the injustice that happened to him. Long story short, he complaints about YSRCP. Now you can be relieved that Babu is not entirely unhappy with this situation.

This man belongs to Guntur District, Macherla Constituency, Kambhampadu Village and his name is Venkayya. He says that he had went to YCP for his Son and that YSRCP members had beaten him up. That is why he said he came to TDP for help.

While this incident took place in Mangalagiri Party Office today, the complete details are still unknown. According to the sources, Naidu ordered to get him to nearest hospital and also to take him to DGP and SP’s office for help.