Naidu cannot go anywhere without them: YCP Srikanth Reddy

Naidu Cannot Go Anywhere Without Them: Ycp Srikanth Reddy

Chandra Babu Naidu has recently made a statement that if Jagan is not scared of the angry people, he should come out once without his security.

This challenge did not go too well with YSRCP party members. The party’s chief whip Gadikota Srikanth Reddy defended that this challenge does not need his leader Jagan. He too can reply to Babu by going to him without security guards.

Srikanth urged the people of Andhra Pradesh to not fall into the trap of Chandra Babu Naidu. He says that Naidu is only worried that his benami lands will be gone into losses with this Capital shift and that is why he is not letting it happen. He added that farmers should not trust Naidu who does not genuinely have concern for them.

And about the challenge thrown by Naidu, he says that Naidu never comes out without his personal security. He pays about 60 Crore Rupees just for the Black Commandos per month for his safety. He cannot step out anywhere without it. Then why does he throws such meaningless challenge to us, asks Srikanth.

No matter how many tricks Babu might play, this time it’s Jagan’s win, says Reddy with full confidence.