Mr Pregnant review: Unique Storyline..Clicks in parts

Mr Pregnant review: Unique Storyline..Clicks in parts
Movie Name Mr Pregnant
Star Cast Syed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur
Director Srinivas Vinjanampati
Producer Appi Reddy, RaviReddy Sajjala, Venkat Annapareddy
Run Time 2h 22m
Release Date August 18, 2023

Starring Bigg Boss fame Syed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur as the lead pair, a film titled, Mr Pregnant, co-starring Suhasini Manirathnam, Raja Ravindra, Brahmaji, Ali, Harsha, Abhishek Reddy Bobbala, Swapnika in key roles under the direction of Srinivas Vinjanampati has hit the screens today. Let’s check how it is.


Gautham(Syed, Sohel) a noted tattoo artist comes across Mahi (Roopa Koduvayur) and eventually falls for her and the proceedings lead to their marriage. Later, under peculiar circumstances Gautham, who strongly dislikes kids, decides to carry the baby himself. What is the strong reason behind Gautham taking the bold decision? The reactions of parents and the society, forms crucial crux.

On-screen performance:

Sohel performance in the given purposeful and performance oriented role is impressive. The actor in him clearly dominated the movie in a good way which is appreciable. His facial expressions and acting during the emotional scenes bring depth to the proceedings.

Heroine Roopa Koduvayur is cute and bubbly on the screen. She did her performance in quite an impressive manner. Her emotional acting as a mother brings depth to the second half narrative.

Suhasini Maniratnam, Harsha Chemudu, and Brahmaji are impressive in their prominent roles despite having a limited screen presence.

Off-screen talents:

Firstly, the movie has a unique concept but a gripping presentation would have worked in favor for the film. Debutant director Srinivas Vinjanampati could have worked even more on the scene order at scripting stage itself to ensure the film was an emotional packed.

The emotional aspect in the film that explores the concept of motherhood (fatherhood?) could have been dealt with a unique storyline in a engaging manner.While the dialogue writer and music composer made a couple of scenes passable, overall the director fails to create an impact with his presentation.

Despite being his debut film, Srinivas effectively conveys his intended message. Music by Shravan Bharadwaj contributes to the film’s mood and elevates a couple of scenes. Cinematography by Nizar Shafi is satisfactory. Prawin Pudi’s editing is okay but could have been even better. Dialogues by Chalamaji during the climax are outstanding. Production values are good.

What’s hot?

  • Unique storyline
  • Emotional scenes

What’s not?

  • Screenplay would have been even better
  • Presentation is uneven at parts


In an overview, Mr Pregnant is an emotional drama that clicks in parts. Despite having a unique storyline and good performance from the lead pair, the film fails to maintain consistency throughout. If the tight screenplay added with a gripping narration the film would have definitely been worth a watch. Despite the demerits the film can be watched once for the unit’s sincere attempt Rating: 2.5/5

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