Movie Review: ABCD

Casting: Allu Sirish, Ruksar Dhillion, Naga Babu, Bharat Raja etc
Music: Judah Sandhy
Camera: Ram
Editing: Naveen Nooli
Direction: Sanjeev Reddy
Producer: Madhura Sreedhar, Yash Rangineni


Aravind (Allu Sirish) is a son of an NRI settled in America. The hero is a rich brat, who does not have any value for money. Worried over this, his father forces him to go to India, along with his cousin Bhasha (Bharat), to know the value of money and life.

The duo plans to stay in five star hotels for a month, but Aravind’s father orders them to have a normal life, for which he sends Rs. 5000. He also books a seat in MBA college for his son, due to which Aravind gets locked in India for next two years, against the initially planned one month.

Aravind meets Neha (Ruksar Dhillion) in college, and her entry changes the hero’s lifestyle. He later gets into a tiff with a politician’s son Bhargav (Raja), due to which his life takes several turns. Did Aravind realize the worth of life and money or did he go back America, failing to realize? The questions for these answers forms the rest of the story.


Allu Sirish, who is still in need of a strong hit, impresses well in parts. Though his acting levels, couldn’t match to the emotions in the film, the mega hero still gave a better performance than most of his earlier films. Heroine Ruksar Dhillion has no importance in the film. She was just restricted to be a mere glamour doll in the movie.

Bharat who impressed well in the films like Dhee, Ready, tried his best in ABCD, but his attempt to generate comedy has not worked out well. Nagababu and other artists in the film are found to be decent for the roles they were offered.

Technical highlights:

Photography is the major highlight of ABCD. Several scenes have been shot well. Judah Sandhy’s music is just average, as none of the songs were impressive on screen. Even his background score was average.

Naveen Nooli’s editing is okay and the productions values are decent. Director Sanjeev Reddy came up with a poor screenplay. With no major twists and slow narration, ABCD tests patience at a point of time. Even the love episodes between the main lead are poor. Dialogues and direction are the major minus points of ABCD.


Though ABCD is a proven subject in Malayalam, the director fails to come up with engaging scenes in Telugu. A clear cut confusion of the director, in explaining the things can be observed on the screen. He also failed to exhibit the emotions of hero properly. As there are no major twists, the entire screenplay of the film falls flat. Though the first half is entertaining to some extent, the second half is boring.

The director failed in writing an engaging drama between hero and villain, which further worsens the mood of the audience watching the film. Even the climax fails to reach the expectations. Allu Sirish tried his best to take the film on his shoulder. Going by the title, it is not only the Desi, but also the audience who got confused with several non sinking scenes in the film.

Tag line: Confused drama