Modi sent ‘CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE’ to PK through BJP MPs!

Most recently, Pawan Kalyan has become the talk of the town with his aggressive approach towards the capital shift issue in the Amaravathi region.

The farmers from the capital region responded positively and some even believed that he is the only saviour from this critical issue. Pawan’s graph went high after that incident and two cases were even booked on his name for his own sake.

On the other side, he has been making some positive comments on Modi and BJP for the past few months. He appreciated the recent efforts of Modi and Shah and even said that he respects them a lot for their daring approach towards some key issues in the country.

Now, it seems the win-win situation is on the cards. Recently Pawan met with Bengaluru MP Tejaswi Surya and Mysore MP Pratap Simha.

During the meeting, Janasena leader Nadendla Manohar was also present. This meeting led to a lot of speculations but Pratap Simha took to Twitter to share his happiness of meeting his favourite star whom he adores a lot.

This rules out the political angle here but the situation on the scene suggests differently. It is being said the Modi has sent a secret message to Pawan through these MPs.

If it is the real thing behind this meeting, this is a wonderful tactic from Modi by sending other state MPs instead of AP leaders.

Earlier talking about the BJP party, Pawan said YCP fears the BJP and he respects it. I have only countered the BJP party on special status.

With the capital shift issue onboard, this meeting will definitely be brought to Jagan’s notice and who knows, Pawan may be waiting for a strong alliance for his survival.