Modi lacks the intelligence like Jagan Mohan Reddy: TDP MP

Kesineni Telugubulletin

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani showered his satirical talent on Jagan Reddy. Though the Center too has clarified that it cannot and will not interfere in AP Government’s decision to create 3 Capitals, still TDP has not lost hopes. Offline and Online, in both platforms the war of words between TDP and YSRCP continuous with no end visible in the near future.

While YCP is trying to explain the public why their leader Jagan had to take this decision, TDP leaders continue to criticize the move in every possible way. Latest, Kesineni Nani tweets back on the tweet thread running on the topic of 3 Capitals.

He has reiterated that Modi has wanted all the administration offices at one place even within the Delhi city too and is bringing efficiency. Then why is it that you want to decentralise the offices that are already existing at once place. He mocked saying Modi is doing that because he is not as smart as Jagan.

He then went on to taunt that if by mistake Jagan had become the Prime Minister of the country, then he would have created 36 capitals in total.