Massive fire accident at Hyderabad’s petrol bunk


A massive fire accident took place in Hyderabad’s Shaikpet just-a-while and fortunately no loss of lives took place.

The incident took place at a petrol bunk when a car approached the bunk for filling the petrol. The fire came out of the car when the bunk employee had been filling the petrol in the car’s tank. The situation soon slipped out of the hands though the bunk workers initially tried to douse the fire. Left with no option, the car owner and all the bunk workers ran away from the spot.

The fire soon caught the entire car and thus got damaged completely. Even the fire officials were contacted as the flames went on increasing. People living in the surroundings were threatened by the incident anticipating that the flames would catch the diesel and petrol and worsen the situation.

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Numerous incidents of this sort have been taken place in the recent times. The possibility  for the fire accidents at petrol bunks are due to switching on ACs in cars, using cell phones and so on. In spite of numerous warning boards at the bunks asking not to use any of such gadgets, people are still falling prey for the dangerous fire accidents only due to the pure negligence.