Maharshi Movie Review, Movie Rating

Whatsapp Image At AmStar Cast: Mahesh Babu, Pooja Hegde, Allari Naresh and others
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: K.U.Mohanan
Editor: Praveen K.L
Producers: Dil Raju, PVP, Ashwini Dutt
Director: Vamsi Paidipally


Maharshi Movie starts with Mahesh babu as CEO of a company in USA. Flashback reveals Mahesh babu’s college days and how his friendship with Allari Naresh , Pooja Hegde develops. Mahesh Leaves to USA following his dreams and why he comes back to India and how he solves the farmers problems in a village called Ramavaram is what you have to watch on the silver screen


Mahesh Babu once again came up with a gripping performance. His comedy timing, performance in emotional scenes would attract many.

Allari Naresh has got a substantial role in the film and he does the required justice to it. Pooja Hegde looked extremely gorgeous on the screen. Other actors like Jayasudha, Prakash Raj, Jagapathi babu, Rao Ramesh, Sai Kumar, Meenakshi Dixit, Vennala Kishore, Nasar, Prudhvi, Bhramaji, Mukesh Rushi in the movie justified their roles.

Technical department:

Direction, Screenplay: Good
Editing: Could have been better
Music: Mediocre
Songs: ok
Cinematography: Good
Production values: Good


The fun elements, college atmosphere and comedy scenes have taken the first half of Maharshi on a breezy mood. While the second half weighs more on emotional moments and farmers problems, Mahesh is at his best in such scenes. He carried the entire film on his shoulders.

Though the whole second half of the movie was based on farming, which is a good cause, the length of the second half could have been trimmed to make it crispier (it is 3 hrs long). The director maintained the thought provoking concept throughout the second half by not adding unwanted commercial elements.

Final Verdict:

Director highlighted a worthy cause, but if the length of the movie is reduced, Maharshi can be more enjoyable.

Rating: 3/5