Maharshi Movie First Day First Show Premiere Show Live Updates

MaheshMaharshi, the most anticipated and also the only big movie of this Summer, is finally out in the theaters on Thursday, amidst of heavy expectations among the movie lovers and most importantly the Super Star Mahesh Babu fans.

As the trailer has garnered a massive response, the makers are confident of bagging a blockbuster with Maharshi. Already the premiere shows have been started in the overseas and also in a few of the theaters in Telugu states.

The fans reportedly are enthralled to watch Mahesh in an action and message oriented movie. Mahesh’s phenomena could not be stopped, even the ticket prices have been sky-rocketed in several places across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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Mahesh Babu as Rishi Kumar will be seen as CEO

Nuvve Samastham song started

Mahesh’s uber cool look in the song

Flash back started. Prakash Raj and Jayasudha as Mahesh’s father and mother respectively

Whistles for Mahesh’s dialogue on Success: “Success definition em ledu, manam success ayithe maname success ki definition”

Meenakshi Dixit’s entry as Mahesh Babu’s friend

Vennela Kishore as Kanna, enters the scene as Mahesh Babu’s friend

Rao Ramesh’s entry as Mahesh’s professor in College

First fight- Mahesh fights with a person who insults his father. (a fun-filled fight could be a feast to fans)

Mahesh aims to study Mtech and go to USA, but father wants him to pick Civils

Some emotional scenes are going on.

Mahesh goes to Vizag, joins in IIET college. Some youthful college scenes are going on.

Dialogue from Mahesh: “Success lo no full stops, commas mathrame untay. Success is not destination, its a journey”

Allari Naresh entry in a village background, Tanikhella Bharani is his father.

Pooja Hegde’s enters the scene. Looking gorgeous.

Mahesh Babu comedy timing super

Mahesh and Allari Naresh as roommates in IIET college

Mahesh solving Maths equations to show Naresh, that he is smart. Mahesh solves a problem in the class and says Naresh solved it.

Comedy scenes between Mahesh, Allari Naresh and Pooja Hegde are hilarious. Especially, Mahesh’s comedy timing is fantastic.

Naresh reveals to college friends, that it was Mahesh who solved Maths equations.

Mahesh says that his dream is to rule the world by inventing a software.

Dialogues between Mahesh and Rao Ramesh are decent.

“Choti Choti Baatein” song started.

Mahesh dressed up as Super Star Krishna and also there’s a cutout of the latter in the song. Cinematography of the song is top notch.

Mahesh Babu tops the university, Allari Naresh fails in two subjects.

Some emotional scenes between Mahesh and Allari Naresh are going on.

Mukesh Rishi enters the scene as MP.

Mukesh Rishi asks Mahesh not to top the results as his son wants to occupy the position. He even offers money, but Mahesh rejects it.

Second fight started.

Mahesh Babu into rough look, reminds Pokiri days.

Pooja Hegde calls Mahesh home for Pelli Choopulu, but the latter is not aware of it.

“Everest anchullo” song started

Pooja looks stunning in the song and the choreography is good.

Exam results out. Allari Naresh passes and thanks Mahesh for it. The former even gets a job.

Sai Kumar entry as Naresh’s uncle

Mahesh attending interviews, gives his phone numbers to interviewers

Mahesh gets job in a USA company

Clash between Mahesh and Pooja, as the former wants to concentrate on his goals.

Mahesh and Pooja breaks up

Final exam papers stolen. College rusticates Mahesh, anticipating his involvement in it.

Police reveals that Mahesh is not culprit.

Mahesh who plans to go USA, lands in San Fransisco.

A major twist takes place due to which Mahesh travels back to India.

Some emotional scenes are going on. Mahesh’s acting levels in these scenes are on next level.

Professor reveals Allari Naresh got rusticated because he took the blame

Professor reveals a major twist related to Naresh.

Mahesh feels bad again. “Nuvvani Idi Needani” song started.

Mahesh realizes his mistake for leaving Allari Naresh and Pooja for his goals.

Mahesh Babu going back to India


Mahesh meets Allari Naresh at Ramavaram

Allari Naresh fighting for farmers in his village.

Some emotional scenes are going on between Mahesh, Allari Naresh and farmers.

Some corporate people are troubling the farmers, for Gas pipes in the village.

Posani entry as MP

Mahesh receives a soft warning not to interrupt in the issue.

Naazar will be seen as Chief Minister.

CM says that only Vijay Mittal (Jagapathi Babu) can solve the issue.

Mahesh meets Jagapathi Babu and asks him to leave the village, for which the latter rejects.

War of words between Mahesh and Jagapathi Babu.

Mahesh opens new office in Ramavaram. Egasipade Keratam song started.

Mahesh looks dapper in the song.

Ramavaram becomes the talk of the town.

Brahmaji entry as software company owner. Pooja Hegde works in it.

Few comedy scenes are going on.

Pooja is going to village to meet Mahesh on a professional purpose.

Mahesh opens up in front of media, about his reason behind opening office in Ramavaram.

30 years Prudhvi enters the scene as reporter.

Time for Phir Shuru song

Mahesh tries to patch up with Pooja, but the latter ignores.

Scenes between Mahesh and Sai Kumar are on now.

Mahesh tries to patch up between Naresh and Sai Kumar, as the latter still believes that Naresh stole the papers.

Sai Kumar’s daughter likes Allari Naresh.

Sai Kumar compromises with Naresh and agrees for the latter’s marriage with his daughter.

Impressed with Mahesh’s gesture towards Naresh, Pooja Hegde patches up with Mahesh.

Time for Pala Pitta song.

Rajiv Kanakala entry.

As the farmers issue had gone viral on the media, Jagapathi Babu who finds it tough with it, meets Mahesh.

The duo gets engaged in a heated argument.

While Jagapathi Babu agrees to leave Ramavaram, Mahesh demands to leave all the 41 villages, along with Ramavaram.

A very major twist takes place here that involves Allari Naresh.

Villagers and Pooja Hegde are now against Mahesh

Mahesh plans to go back to USA, but Jayasudha motivates him to win against Jagapathi Babu.

An intense fight scene in village

Mahesh promises to solve the issue. Curiosity raises as to how he comes up with a solution.

Padara Padara song is on.

Mahesh is learning farming

Mahesh comes up with a solution to the farmers issue.

Villagers happy with Mahesh’s solution

Mahesh’s dialogue in a press meet: “Oka Aadapilla edisthe intiki manchidi kadu, raithu edisthe deshaaniki manchidi kaadu.”

Few other interesting dialogues in the press meet.

A message on farming and farmers is touching.

Mahesh offers 90% of his earnings to farmers.

Jagapathi Babu in ED custody

Villagers thanking Mahesh

Mahesh plans to leave US, but comes back, deciding to stay in India. He resigns as CEO

Movie ends on an emotional note

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