LPG Cylinder to shock Indian Middle-class

Lpg Cylinder To Shock Indian Middle-class

In any country, the quality of life is considered to be the deciding factor of best to worst countries to live in. These include the regular day to day necessities availability, price and ease of access.

Slowly our country is moving towards betterment and in the process, bitter changes also keep hitting us. One such blow is the latest LPG Cylinder price hike announced today by Oil Marketing Companies.

This will affect the monthly budgets of middle class citizens. These hikes are applicable on 14.2 kilos cylinders with non-subsidy. According to the latest price list by Indian Oil, in Delhi it is ₹858.5 with an increase of ₹149, in Kolkata it is ₹896 with an increase of ₹149, in Mumbai it is ₹829.5 with an increase of ₹145, in Chennai it is ₹881 right now with an increase of ₹147.

Whereas on the other hand, the price of commercial gas cylinder has increased to a whopping ₹225. This makes it ₹1,550 per cylinder. Let us see how will this affect not only the central governments but also local governments who wish to not upset middle-class voters.