Kodandaram arrested, TRS faces flak!

Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Chief, Kodandaram has been arrested on Wednesday. Protesting against the government for permitting to dig Uranium in Nallamala forest area, Kodandaram reached the spot, along with few other Congress leaders- Chikkudu Vamsi Krishna and Kodanda Reddy. As the issue turned worse, the police officials arrested Kodandaram along with the leaders accompanied him.

Reacting to the arrest, the TJAC Chief said, “According to Article 19, every citizen is entitled to Freedom of Speech. But the Telangana government is killing such rights and is resorting to the arrests of this sort. This is nothing but the incompetence of the government. The public will come up with the suitable judgment soon.”

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Kodandaram further added that no one is going to stop him from fighting against the issue, even after the arrest. Earlier, the TRS government had to face the heat due to the irregularities in the valuation of the answer sheets. The issue has given a political mileage to the opposition parties, to go against the ruling party in the state.

In the similar manner, even the latest issue is going viral all over the social media, as most of the netizens are arguing that it is unfair to arrest those who protested against something that is illegal. Congress is taking the advantage over the issue, by criticizing the government big time. Will TRS come forward to give its version on the issue or ignore, unwilling to hype it anymore? Let’s see.