Kaushal and his storm completes one year

– You no more need to crave for a chance in the film industry.

– You no more need to spend thousands of rupees on mediators and fraud media houses, who make fake promises of getting you a chance in movies.

– You no more need to spend hours, hanging at the gates of the studios.

Thanks to the technology, as there are many other ways to explore your talent and display it on the internet, so that it would not only fetch money but also give you a following for yourself. If luck favors, you may also get inducted into the films, if some producer finds your performance on the internet, impressive. Several directors, heroes, comedians etc, made it into the big screen in the similar manner.

But when there were no such opportunities or technological advancements, several passionate people used to find it tough to get a chance in the film industry. Thousands of such enthusiastic people in Hyderabad’s Krishna Nagar, are still eager to fulfill their dreams, leaving away their families and livelihood aside. Such is the kind of impact, an entertainment industry creates, on those who are passionate about it.

While there are few who is not aware of using the opportunity in a proper manner when they get it, there are also a few others who can turn every opportunity into success. The kind of success, such people taste would be high and also be inspirational to many.

Kaushal Manda belongs to the second category and was extremely successful in handling the opportunity well and thus emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. It is exactly an year back, Kaushal entered into the Bigg Boss house. So let us rewind his  inspirational journey and recollect the ups and downs he overcame and finally emerged as a successful person.

Kaushal before Bigg Boss

Kaushal couldn’t get the deserved success even though he was in the industry for the past two decades and shared the screen space with the stars like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas etc. As most of the roles he played were of no significance, he was not identified much by the film industry.

But that couldn’t stop Kaushal from making it big. He left no opportunity that could make him closer to the film industry. He did not mind to play small time roles in the TV serials and he also established a modelling agency, so that he would be in contact with the film celebrities and of course for his livelihood too.

Not only trying to find a living for self, Kaushal is also the one, who tries to take the people along with him, for living their dreams. Several small time actors in the films, serials, advertisements that we watch today, were supported by Kaushal.

The ‘Bigg Boss’ Kaushal

Amidst of living such a busy, congested life, one opportunity has knocked his door in the name of ‘Bigg Boss’ and changed his life forever. Decades of his waiting had got a massive conclusion or to say a massive new beginning to his life. Lakhs of fans across the Telugu States, were in awe of him, they cried for him, laughed for him, went against the odds for him and what not?

Why were the other Bigg Boss contestants unable to bag the similar craze and what were the tricks Kaushal played to win the game?

The only trick Kaushal played in the Bigg Boss game was recollecting and self reminding the fact, almost every second, that it’s a ‘GAME’ and he entered into it, as a ‘PLAYER’. So,

– He was away from maintaining the relations with any of the housemates.

– He was away from involving in any groups.

– He showed no mercy on any of the housemates and was strict and outright genuine in expressing what he felt about the housemates.

It was the exactly the same reason, that pinched the housemates and consider Kaushal as their target. Almost every housemate in the house targeted and aimed to send him out of the house. That’s exactly when, the audience stood behind Kaushal and made sure that no force can evict him from the show. That section of the audience, in the name of ‘Kaushal Army’ emerged as a deciding factor of “Bigg Boss”.

The show had completely slipped into the hands of “Kaushal Army” and since then, they started aiming at the eviction of the housemates, who targeted Kaushal in the house. Most of the times, the army was successful in sending such housemates out of the house, by splitting the votes to other contestants.

Recognizing this, the Bigg Boss management since then made sure that Kaushal stays in the nomination almost every week, so that the army would be busy in saving him from the elimination, rather than targeting other housemates.

Overtaking every such nomination, bearing attacks from the housemates, missing the much needed support from the dear ones in such an idle position, finally Kaushal was able to emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, leaving the housemates red-faced.

The time when Kaushal realized the strength of Kaushal Army

Winning the trophy was just one small part of Kaushal’s Bigg Boss journey. There were several other episodes linked to the show, that landed him into deep troubles, after coming out as a winner.

He was shocked to witness a massive following around him. He witnessed the people, who were dying to meet him. So, keeping away the movie offers that were waiting for him to come out of the house, Kaushal has decided to dedicate three months of his time, only to meet fans and take their love.

While he announced that it would be three months, he erased the deadline later and kept his gates 24/7 open for fans to meet and greet him. When a few of his close circles have suggested him that it would wipe out his hard earned craze if he’s available to fans, Kaushal said, “it’s not fair to be away from the people, who craved for my success and voted me every day, during the Bigg Boss.”

Kaushal resumes playing Bigg Boss in real life

Kaushal picked up a film and took the required crew from his army people itself, thus showing his concern one more time, towards the people who stood by him in his hard times.

But all of a sudden, the movie producer, who was part of the Kaushal Army, has walked out of the project, due to which it was shelved. When inquired about the reasons behind it, Kaushal found out that a few of his Bigg Boss housemates were behind the producer, who successfully manipulated him and diverted his focus away from Kaushal.

It was exactly then, Kaushal and his army realized that the army chief needs to resume playing the Bigg Boss game, but this time, it’s in real life. If not to jolt the housemates or win over them, at least for self defending, Kaushal had to fight against all the odds from the housemates since then.

A few of the housemates who couldn’t digest the victory of Kaushal, tried to malign his hard earned image, by cooking some fake stories against him like he misused funds from the Kaushal Army Foundation, he encouraged trolls against housemates, he was back of some girls, etc. Sadly, even a popular media house, was in support of such fake allegations, as the journalist who is working in the said media house is a close friend of one of the housemates, who intended to target Kaushal.

The news channel left no stone unturned to malign Kaushal’s image like

– Taking the interviews of the people who walked out of Kaushal army.

– Re-telecasting the old interviews of the housemates, who spoke bad about Kaushal.

– Ignoring the calls, messages of Kaushal fans and also not allowing them into the studio, when they tried to do so.

– The worst part is the said news channel had degraded to that level, that it also uploaded a troll song on Kaushal on its official YouTube channel, scrapping the standards of journalism completely.

Kaushal overcame all such allegations, even with zero media support and stood as strong as ever. But sadly, amidst of all the disturbances he faced, he lost the crazy movie offers and he is still waiting to use his Bigg Boss image in a proper manner.

While a few celebrate for spoiling his career, a few others consider him as an inspiration

– For the kind of patience he maintained when things were against him.

– For his never giving-up attitude, be it in a game or real life and fighting till the end.

– For the kind of importance he gives to his fans.

Kaushal’s strong impact on further seasons of Bigg Boss

At least for the next two to three seasons of Bigg Boss, the impact of Kaushal can be felt very hard on the participants and also the show.

Be it in terms of attitude, character, gaming spirit and craze, there can never be another Kaushal in the Bigg Boss house. No doubt, he is surely an icon of the mega reality show and would stay in the hearts of thousands of his fans across the Telugu states, forever.