Janasena core leader quits, puts party in trouble!

Raju Ravitej who happens to be the core member of Janasena has resigned to the party in a dramatic situation.

In the initial days of party formation, Pawan Kalyan has come up with all praises for Raju Ravitej. The Janasena Chief also offered him various positions in the party like General Secretary, Politburo member, etc. But Ravitej has released a special note to the media announcing his resignation to the party.

Raju Ravitej said, “Pawan has turned into a dangerous divisive force driven by vindictiveness and caste & religious hate. He should never be allowed to occupy the office of political or social power.” He strictly said that he is not going to work for Janasena again.

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Pawan Kalyan also responded to the resignation saying that Raju Ravitej has earlier left the party with the similar reasons and came back later. The actor turned politician noted that he respects Raju Ravitej’s opinions and concerns on the party.

While Raju Ravitej’s post sounded too harsh, Pawan’s soothing reply to it won the hearts of many. Unlike other politicians who mud sling on the leaders who left the party, Pawan’s gesture has become the talk of the political circles. Meanwhile, it should be seen the kind of impact Janasena is going to face after the exit of Raju Ravitej, a close aide of Pawan.