Jagan should understand what Maharashtra Sircar did!!

Union Budget: Own Ego Or State? Jagan Chose One, Missed The Main

There is a lot of similarity to Narendra Modi’s BJP and YS Jagan’s YSRCP. Both of them have landslide victories in their respective elections. After winning with such huge majority, being over-confident, both took some sensational decisions and gripping them hard without giving any second thought. NRC, CAA, three Capital bill, the abolition of Telugu Medium and the legislative council are a part of it.

While BJP’s fate is serving Modi&co a very good time, Jagan should realize that he could be in BJP’s situation one day. Now, he should look at the world around him coming out of this monarchial euphoria.

For example, the Maharashtra government has decided to introduce a bill, making learning Marathi language mandatory till Class 10. The bill shall be introduced when the Maharashtra legislature meets for its budget session on February 24.

The political analysts believe that this decision from the Thacckarey’s government came out as a check mate Maharashtra Navnirman Sena-led by CM Uddhav’s estranged cousin Raj Thackeray who is organizing rallies in the support of the most controversial CAA.

Now, Jagan can adopt this strategy. Thackeray is making a strong statement about his love for the regional language and at the same time, he is putting his enemies in the state of bother.

But Jagan’s English medium decision is even criticised by the High court and gave the opposition the license to take him down. So, CM Jagan, are you listening?

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