Jagan shocks Andhra with Electricity Bill?

Ys Jagan Desk

Well, the people of Andhra Pradesh have got used to the sudden shocks lately. They are prepared for all kinds of changes in the State. If the Electricity bill goes beyond 500 Units, then on each unit, an increase of 90 Paise was announced. Well, it has more depth than a headline.

Yes, this comes as a blow to all the Government and Corporate organizations whose power consumption will go way beyond 500 units. It will directly affect 1.35 Lakh consumers who will fall in this category.

But there is nothing too bad about it because the survey data collected for 2020-21 tells that ₹44,840.86 crores in the coming year for Electricity. So, the government has no other choice but to levy these charges from those who have the spending power.

Definitely who is spending more than 500 units must be making a profit out of it, right? So it’s okay to charge them additional prices is what the Government thinks.

But shouldn’t the ease of doing business be actually made easy in terms of Electricity bills also? Does this not lower the profits of businesses and inturn discourage them doing business?!! Ironic.