Injustice to Himaja, Ravi in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu


In the Bigg Boss express task that lasted for two episodes, Varun and Rahul are the only two contestants, who were not offered any notable character and so were unable to give any performance. They were restricted to rotate a wheel, pretending to run a train in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu.

But shockingly, when the housemates were asked to choose the best three performers for the captaincy task, shockingly all the housemates picked Varun and Rahul, along with Baba Bhaskar as the right candidates.

The audiences were severely disturbed by the act, as the public choice based on the task, is to replace Varun and Rahul by Himaja and Ravi, retaining Baba Bhaskar. It is nothing but a pure form of injustice to Himaja and Ravi. The duo had given a stupendous performance in the show, and were constantly captured by the cameras too.

If the choice goes into the hands of the housemates, they would obviously pick the choices of their own, unwilling the talented ones to get a special focus in the show. In this case, all the housemates targeted Himaja and Ravi, by not considering them for the captaincy task, thus making the audience develop sympathy on both the talented contestants of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu.