In-Talk: YSRC Legislator donating his 5 years salary for needy!

In-talk: Ysrc Legislator Donating His 5 Years Salary For Needy!

There is a dialogue in the Tollywood movie leader where Tanikella Bharani mentions that he saw CMs who earned enough for several generations but didn’t see a single CM who left all the money for the needy and the poor. This scene is being seen in real life in case of a YSRC politician.

YS Jagan launched the portal Connect-to-Andhra to connect NRIs with the Andhra Pradesh. YS Jagan is aiming to raise 1000 Crores through this portal as donations for the well being of the Navaratnalu schemes. For this, YSRC Legislator Alla Ramakrishna Reddy came forward and donated his upcoming pay of almost 55 months (approx 5 years) to the Connect-to-Andhra.

YS Jagan requested NRIs to come forward and donate money for the schemes that are being implemented for the poor and the needy. Most of these schemes have been announced and the government is making steps towards implementation. This is the phase where money crunch comes into picture.

TDP fired on YSRC saying that these schemes will require lot of money which AP government may not be having and the schemes were merely to attract people’s attention. YS Jagan is trying to make all the schemes successful and hence he is doing his ground work. Lets see if this portal helps the state in raising money for the schemes.