In-Talk: Special training for RTC employees before KCR’s meeting

TSRTC strike came to an end with a compromise between the union and the government. KCR mentioned that the organization will get good support from the government and to improve TSRTC, a group of five people will be selected from each depot to talk with KCR on regular basis.

It seems that the government selected the five people group from each depot and the regional managers were said to be giving the required training before KCR’s meeting. Few of the RTC employees in this group leaked the info to the media on what the regional managers told them before the KCR’s meeting. The training’s synopsis is like the employees should adhere with KCR’s words and shouldn’t talk about union, salary, demands or other monetary related benefits in the meetings.

KCR previously mentioned that the government employees of Telangana are paid competitively compared to the other states. Lets hope that this applies to TSRTC employees as well in future. Stay tuned to know about the after meeting action items of TSRTC employees.