Debate point: Is Indian government getting westernized?

Trends in India are changing at rapid pace. The clothing and culture has already changed in the metros and the same is getting applied to the other parts of the nation. Westernization of India is now being seen not just in people but also in the government.

When Narendra Modi came into power as Prime Minister, the respective ministers of the state appeared in their own traditions and customs. With this, everyone felt that Narendra Modi will give more priority to the local tradition than the western one. But the recent policies in the government were depicting westernization.

Giving more priority to privatization is showing the capitalistic approach. In western countries like USA, most of the aspects are privatized and the main infrastructure was taken care of by the government. The same approach is being seen in India in various sectors like transportation, cellular, etc.

“Is this transformation good or bad?” is a strong debate point. In one sense, it is good as the private companies will give priority to making money, which will lead to better services. In another sense, the entire economy may turn fragile and if the profits turn less, private companies may stop their services which will be tough for government to cover up immediately.

Even though the growth rate is slow, democratic approach will be stable compared to capitalistic approach. May be, Narendra Modi is trying a mixed approach to bring better results. Stay tuned for more debate points and analysis.