In – Talk: Criminal Case on Nara Lokesh?

TDP politicians way of behavior with the Marshals in AP Assembly turned to be a sensation all over the state. Several YSRC MLAs asked the AP Assembly speaker to take strict action on the TDP leaders. Footage of several TDP MLAs manhandling Marshals were now in the headlines of the media. A video of Nara Lokesh catching the throat of a Marshal turned viral in the social media.

Responding to this, AP Assembly speaker Tammineni Sitaram asked the Marshals to file criminal case on all the TDP politicians who attacked them at the gates. Speaking further, Tammineni Sitaram pointed out that there are outsiders other than MLAs who fought with the Marshals. The AP Assembly speaker further asked the Marshals to take the help of Police forces to trace the outsiders and take severe action on them.

Tammineni Sitaram finalized that he doesn’t have any grudge on any politician, but is concerned on the safety of the AP Assembly.