In-Talk: Agenda of YS Jagan – KCR’s meeting on 13th

AP’s CM YS Jagan and Telangana CM KCR are all set to have an official meeting on 13th of this month in Hyderabad to discuss on various aspects that are common for both the states. Amidst the protests in Amaravathi on the change in capital city, the meeting between KCR and YS Jagan is turning out to be an interesting and critical one.

“What would be the agenda of this meeting?” is a suspense point in the media. “Will it be on Amaravathi or on the RTC or on the joint plan for AP and Telangana for the new year?” is yet to be known. It is known that YS Jagan is not as experienced as the past CMs of AP and is in need of guidance from an experienced politician.

BJP and Narendra Modi are in plans of setting up their base in AP for the next elections and Chandra Babu Naidu is an opposition party leader. In this scenario, the only experienced expert who can be of any help to YS Jagan is KCR. Majority of the political analysts were assuming that this meeting’s main motto will be the guidance and the co-operation YS Jagan is looking for, from KCR.