If Pawan can do this, he can get TDP vote bank

Pawan Kalyan ‘rythu Sowbhagya Deeksha’ To Trouble Jagan

There has been a constant criticism on the Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan since he announced his alliance with Modi’s Bharatiya Janatha Party. Pawan Kalyan went down heavily on BJP in the pre-poll period last year and during the heat period of Special Status.

But, it looks like there are many shivering spines behind that criticism. The announcement of the tie-up comes after the actor-turned-politician Kalyan met BJP working president J.P. Nadda earlier this week in New Delhi. The new tie-up could change the arithmetic in the state’s politics in the coming days if it succeeds in making an impact.

BJP is not foolish to form an alliance with a party having a 6% vote share and 1 MLA. We can easily say that, in 2014, TDP formed the government with the help of Pawan Kalyan and BJP. Without these two parties, the ball would have been in Jagan’s court. Even in 2019 assembly polls, most of the TDP vote banks shifted to Janasena as they were bored and fed up with TDP’s rule.

Most importantly, as they say, the community-based votes also split up with CBN’s U-Turn politics on specials status. BJP has some secret admirers in the state who can prove quite effective when it comes to big stage. Now, Pawan’s target is to loot TDP’s vote bank with the help of BJP and to abolish his image as a TDP’s secret alliance. If he succeeds, we might not see TDP in the future.