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Raj Tarun’s “Iddari Lokam Okate” Movie Review

TeluguBulletin.com Rating: 2/5

Raj Tarun has been lying low with flops from a few films in the recent past. He has completed double hat-trick with it. So he needs a solid hit to stay in the limelight. Dil Raju has given him some hope with producing his film Iddari Lokam Okate which is directed by a debutante. The film has a low key release. Let us see how the movie is.


Mahi (Raj Tarun) is a famous photographer, Varsha (Shalini Pandey) is a struggling actress. They both met each other and knows about each other with Varsha’s childhood photograph. They both are friends in childhood. Both Mahi and Varsha starts their journey together again. Did their friendship took any new route? What are the problems faced by the duo? What is the problem Mahi faces since childhood forms the crux of the story.


Raj Tarun performs differently in this movie. It is completely new to what we are seeing with Raj Tarun. He is completely subtle. Has less dialogues. Looks calm and composed for the most time. He has done a decent job. Shalini Pandey surprises with her performance. We have seen her in limited roles. But with Iddari Lokam Okate she excels. Kids who has done childhood scenes, Master Roshan and Baby Nethra Reddy has given terrific performance. It is their performances that stood as major boost up to the film. Rohini and Nassar has done some decent performances in their limited roles. Comedian Bharat character has no importance in the movie.

Technical Performance:

Cinematography is top notch. Every frame looks like a painting. Ooty locales has been captured very well. Art work is nice. Mickey J Meyer has done fantastic job with songs as well as background music. Most of the songs are montages and they have been shot well. Production values are very rich. Story is very simple and has no emotional highs. Screenplay is boring to the core. There is no entertainment whatsoever. Debutante GR Krishna has failed to evoke emotions, he has taken a decent point but falters to execute it to the extent that it reaches larger section of audiences.


The way story starts and ends and how they both are interlinked was shown in an interesting way. Also climax episode stands out as the main USP for the film. The conflict point is portrayed very emotionally. Also the childhood episodes will interest the audiences. Songs too will be loved by them. Apart from these, there is nothing that goes well. Movie falls flat after going into the movie within few minutes. Interval is regular and has no emotional high. It amuses why director didn’t take the movie to next level with the content he has. Narration is flat to the core and there are no entertainment factor in the movie. Emotions between the lead pair is totally missing. Audiences will like the climax and they have bear with the entire movie for that rushed climax.

Finally: Iddari Lokam Okate – A depraved spectacle of embarrassing lunacy.!

TeluguBulletin.com Rating: 2/5


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Overall Report:

Iddari Lokam Okate second half too starts on a dull note. The movie takes its time to gain pace. However, emotional climax makes up for it. Overall, the movie has its moments but slow narration is the main negative. Wait for the full review.

12.12 PM: Movie finished in an emotional way. Happy ending for true love

12.10 PM: Unexpected and unconventional climax touched the hearts

12.02 PM: Twist

unfolds to Shalini about Raj Tarun. Movie turns into complete emotional mode.

11.55 AM: Pre climax drags a bit

11.51 AM: Movie inching towards climax as emotional conflict scenes are happening

11.45 AM: Varsha has a situation to decide her partner and real emotional conflict salvation underway

11.42 AM: Movie is finally moving in an emotional way.

11.32 AM: It’s time for a romantic number You are my heart beat. Song, location and picturization are highlight

11.20 AM: Story moves to Ooty. Time for another montage song with shuffling between old memories and present moments.

11.15 AM: 2nd half started with lead pair missing moments

First-half report:

Movie’s first half has moved at a snail pace with some moments here and there. Childhood scenes worked out well. However, emotions between the characters hasn’t been established properly yet. It all now depends on the second half to decide the fate of the movie.

10.56 AM: Movie reaches interval with small suspense.

10.53 AM: Movie inching towards interval with Raj Tarun character giving twist

10.50 AM: First emotional scene between the lead pair. Scenes are establishing in a way that some major conflict point is awaiting.

10.42 AM: Raj Tarun makes Shalini’s dream come true. She has become a movie actress. another well shot montage song.

10.38 AM: Movie is going on a simple and slow narration. Though the movie has its moments it needs to pick up pace.

10.33 AM: Small conflict scenes between the lead pair are happening

10.28 AM: Flashback ends and journey starts between Shalini and Raj Tarun

10.22 AM: Nasser gets introduced as Shalini’s grandfather. Kids performances are too good.

10.18 AM: Time for the first song.. Shot very beautifully with good montages between the kids. The song is very soothing.

10.13 AM: Finally Raj Tarun and Shalini meets each other. Movie turns to flashback mode: Ooty in 2001.

10.07 AM: Shalini struggling as an actress to achieve her goal

10.03 AM: Comedian Bharath gets introduced as Raj Tarun’s friend in the movie.

09.57 AM: Movie fast forwards to present.. After 25 years, Raj Tarun is a photographer and Shalini Pandey is a struggling actress.

09.54 AM: Movie started in the time line 1993. Hero, Heroine were born in the same hospital

09.52 AM: Iddari Lokam Okate started; 126 minutes is the run time with u/a certificate.

Young hero Raj Tarun after 6 continuous flops in his career is now coming with a pure love story Iddari Lokam Okate. Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey is playing the female lead.