“I may live only 15yrs”, Chandra Babu Naidu

’23 Sin’ Still Haunting Chandrababu?

Politics is just a life chosen by someone who’s interested to lead people to a better quality of life that they seem is best for all. If people too believe that this is the right person who can change their lives, they elect them or they don’t. We all need to accept this fact that our leaders do try their best many times to make our lives better.

And Chandra Babu Naidu did change many things in our lives in the past few decades, of course, with many personal benefits, but politics is a game of thrones with little to no choices. He had to stay in the game and did and still does what is needed to be done to keep up. But his capabilities cannot be questioned, maybe his intentions.

On Monday Naidu spoke his heart out with media and said that if his health permits, he’d live another 15 years maybe. But he says his worry is not about himself but the future of the State of Andhra Pradesh. His worry has a reason too.

He was pointing out at how irresponsible CM Jagan has been in ruining the Solar and Wind energy projects, Education system reforms, 3-Capital for power decentralisation and stopping Praja Vedika altogether that was initiated by Naidu earlier.

Well, both leaders have their own reasons and they have the best capabilities of for whatever they are doing. It is their intentions that do matter. And do they have our best interests in it? I wonder!