Huzurnagar exit poll troubles TSRTC!

After Telangana statehood moment, it is the recent TSRTC strike, that shook the state. The protest had been continuing for almost three weeks and is picking up the intensity every day. Even then, Telangana Chief Minister KCR did not bow down to their demands. Such uncompromising nature of the CM, was anticipated to cost his party big, in Huzurnagar by-election. But shockingly, 84.75% polling has been registered in the by-election held yesterday and the exit polls are predicting the victory of TRS.

While TSRTC employees are of the hope that the TRS debacle in Huzurnagar, would make KCR step down and accept their demands, the exit poll reports are now threatening them. If at all TRS wins in the by-election as predicted, then it is obvious that the TS CM is not going to compromise for the demands of TSRTC and act even more strict.

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However, there are several times, when the exit poll prediction went wrong. In fact, in the last Telangana assembly elections, most of the TV channels have predicted the victory of Congress alliance.

But surprisingly, TRS bounced back with a bigger victory than the 2014 elections. If the similar magic gets repeated in Huzurnagar by-election result too, then TSRTC employees would probably be the first ones to celebrate the TRS debacle, more than the opposition parties.