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Huge trouble coming: Delete this urgently from your Facebook

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It is know that the most of the social networking sites possess the risk of making our personal information spill private. There has been several evidence proving this leaks and data manipulation in the past and the present. In a study, it is said that 87 million Facebook users from around the world had their personal data harvested. If these taught us any, it’s that we can’t and shouldn’t trust social media sites to keep our private information.

That’s why if you’re still planning on keeping your Facebook account despite the fallout, you should really consider removing the following pieces of information from your profile.


Having access to your birthday just makes it easier for con artists to gain access to your personal details and even your bank account information.


This isn’t the days of MSN messenger when you hoped that guy/girl you were crushing on would see your digits and drop you a text. The Facebook world is a less innocent place. Yes, putting your phone number on your profile might have seemed a good idea six years ago when Facebook told you it needed it for improved security, but it’s really not.


There are plenty of other places you shouldn’t be tagging yourself either. Dropping the kids off at school? Don’t let the world know, that’s just not smart. Nor is letting the world know when you’re out of the country.


There have been multiple instances of Facebook users losing their jobs for views and opinions expressed on the social networking site. Even if you’re not slagging off your employer all too publicly, there are still pitfalls waiting to capture you.


It’s OK to share your sausage or legs poolside holiday photos in a bid to make your mates jealous that’s pretty much what Facebook is for. Your humble Bragbook posts can wait until you’re back though but not robberers. Social media checks are now becoming a staple of employers’ pre-job offer hit list. Stumbling across 42 snaps of your slumped outside a club in a vomit-stained shirt isn’t going to impress them. Either delete them now, you’re better than that anyway or improve your privacy.


It might sound petty and small, but hear us out, it’s time to delete those pictures of your ex. It could cause issues with future spouses and also with job hirers and potential partners.


Not only should you delete anything dodgy they’ve tagged you in in the past, you should prevent it ever happening again. To do that you’ll need to set up ‘Timeline Review’.

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