High Alert in India – Corona Virus death cases raises to 17

New Virus In China – Rapidly Spreading In Asia

Corona Virus, the most rapidly spreading virus in Asia is now creating shivers in India. The death cases due to this virus raised to 17. Indian officials announced high alert in all the major cities. All the passengers in flights from China were being scanned thoroughly for any traces of the virus.

Few days back, Corona Virus broke out into the people in the Wuhan region of China. Seafood markets in Wuhan were said to be the place of origin for this virus. Few people who traveled to other Asian countries were identified with this virus and the death rate is raising day by day. Pneumonia is said to be the main symptom in the people who got infected with this virus.

Fever, shortness of breathing, cough were said to be the other vital symptoms. Indian officials were advising people to stay protected and wear masks if possible.