Has Harish zeroed in on heroine for Pawan’s flick?

#pspk28: Gabbar Singh Combo On Track!

Harish Shankar has hit jackpot by grabbing Pawan Kalyan’s movie. The duo earlier teamed up for Gabbar Singh which is a sensational hit. In one way, it is a comeback flick for Pawan Kalyan and he has huge respect towards the director. Harish Shankar is a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan and it will be a dream job to work with him once again. Either way, Harish Shankar – Pawan Kalyan flick is going to benefit both of them.

Currently the project is in pre production stages. Harish Shankar has finished scripting the movie and is now taking his team to work with. It is said that Harish Shankar is going to rope in Pooja Hegde for his movie. It is known that it is Harish Shankar who has given big break with DJ. Before the film, Pooja Hegde has three flops including a Bollywood flick and two Telugu films. While she is considered iron leg, Harish Shankar has given her the chance.

Though DJ is not so successful, Pooja Hegde has benefited a lot through the film. Her bikini show in DJ has been talked a lot at that time and there is no looking back since then. Pooja Hegde returned the favor to Harish Shankar by playing an extended cameo in Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Pooja Hegde’s presence has helped the movie a lot. Will they both work for the third time?