FAQ’s about what is allowed and what not in the lockdown3 extension

Faq’s About What Is Allowed And What Not In The Lockdown3 Extension

1.What’s the status of the lockdown?

It has been extended by two weeks from May 4.

2. Does it mean nothing changes for two more weeks?

Not really. The government has partially eased relaxation for a number of activities.

3. Can You shed light in what way the government has eased?

The entire country has been demarcated based on color into Red, Orange and Green Zones. The rules are stringent in the Red Zone districts and get eventually easier in the Orange and Green Zones.

  1. Does it imply that life becomes tough in red zone?

Not really. If you reside in a Red Zone area, you will still be allowed for easier rules from May 4 nevertheless, you may not be as fortunate as your friends living in Orange and Green Zones.

  1. What exactly is allowed in Red zone?
  • Private cars with two persons at most.
  • Two-wheelers without a pillion rider
  1. What about offices and businesses in Red Zones? Will they be allowed to function?

   Yes, few of them, that include:

  • Manufacturing of IT hardware.
  • Economic Zones (SEZs), Industrial Estates and Export Oriented Undertakings with access control.
  • Manufacturing plants of essential goods.
  • Jute industry units with staggered shifts and social distancing.
  • Manufacturing units of packaging material.
  1. What’s more, development and construction ventures that have stayed stranded for 40 days at this point?

Development exercises in urban territories have been restricted to in-situ development (where laborers are accessible on location and none are required to be acquired from outside) and development of renewable power source ventures.

  1. Shouldn’t something be said about shops? Will all shops open in Red Zones from May 4?

Shops in urban territories, for unnecessary products, are not permitted in shopping centers, markets and malls. However, all independent (single) shops, neighborhood (state) shops and shops in private buildings are allowed to stay open in urban regions, with no differentiation of basic and unnecessary.

  1. Would I be able to procure home delivered goods, for example, garments through e-commerce sites?

This comes as a disappointment to many, as delivering goods through all e-commerce sites is restricted during this phase in the red zone

  1. I live in the Red Zone. Would I be able to bring in an AC repairer?

You can, just on the off chance that you don’t remain in an area segregated as ‘containment Zone’ inside the Red Zone region. ‘Containment Zones’ are regions where strictest authorization of lockdown rules are set up, given the high frequency of Covid-19 positive cases. All private security and office administrations, and services provided by self-employed people, for example, circuit testers, IT fixes, plumbers, car mechanics and woodworkers, except hair stylists, will be permitted in all territories, with the exception of those named ‘containment Zones’.

  1. What about salons? I severely need a hair cut

Its apprehensive, but you should bear somewhat more. Hairstyling parlors, spas and salons won’t be permitted to open.

12.’Would I be able to book an Uber or an Ola to go out?

No, you can’t. Handling of cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws; running of cabs and taxis; intra and inter district employing of transports will stay disallowed in Red Zone areas for two additional weeks.

  1. Shouldn’t something be said about workplaces?

Private workplaces can work with up to 33% of total strength as per necessity, while the rest of the people should tele communicate or work from home. All administration workplaces will work with senior officials of the degree of Deputy Secretary or more at full strength, and the rest of the staff would attend 33% according to prerequisite.

A major portion of the business and private foundations have been allowed in the Red Zones. These comprise print and electronic media, IT and IT-empowered administrations, information and call focus, cold stockpiling and warehousing administrations, private security and office executives’ administrations, and services by self-employed people.

  1. Will my house maid be allowed to come?

House maid will be allowed in all areas except containment zones. But since public transport is restricted, they should reach the residence of their employer on their own. And society norms in the zones will apply. No domestic help will be permitted in containment zones.

  1. Are there any other important works that will be eased restriction in a Red Zone?

A huge number of other works will be allowed in the Red Zones. These include: All industrial and construction works in rural areas, including MNREGA work, food-processing units and brick-kilns; besides, in rural areas, without segregation of the type of goods, all shops, except in shopping malls will function.

All agriculture activities, such as sowing, harvesting, procurement and marketing operations in the agricultural supply chain, are permitted. Animal husbandry activities are fully operational, including their processing and marketing.  All health services including Ayush will remain functional

  1. Shouldn’t something be said about the financial division, for example, banks and NBFCs?

A huge part of the financial sectors stays open, which incorporates banks, non-banking money organizations (NBFCs), protection and capital market banks.

  1. It apparently seem to be simpler in the green Zones and orange zones. Isn’t that right?

Yes, without a shadow of doubt. In the green Zones, notwithstanding exercises allowed in Red Zones, cabs and taxi aggregators, (for example, Uber and Ola) a solitary passenger in particular will be allowed with a driver.