Exclusive: VD character shades and story for WFL

Video: World Famous Lover Movie Teaser

The big news is there is no dual role of Vijay Devarakonda in World Famous Lover. Sources say the hero is a novelist who is very unsatisfied with his relationship with his live-in partner. She seeks commitment and marriage and he is lost in his world.

He is writing a novel where he looks for a perfect partner and, in this journey, he meets three women. One is a foreigner, other is his boss and then comes his lower middle-class wife. All the three are an illusion. Finally, he reconciles, or do we say he resigns to the fact that his long-standing lover Yamini is the best woman for him.

She has left him and he comes back for her. But is too late? Is WFL about a search for an elusive partner or an elusive self? Find out on the Valentine’s day. It isn’t meant for children though.