Exclusive Story: Jabardasth team backstabs Naga Babu

On the 7th Fb 2013, Mallemala Entertainments owned by Shyam Prasad Reddy and ETV team who share are a great association came up with Jabardasth, a comedy show which slowly turned into an adult comedy getting top TRP ratings.

ETV known for its aesthetic values did not mind the flak that was coming its way and continued the show as the TRPs soared with each episode.

The architects or the directors, the two people who ran the show were the talented Nithin and Bharat. The duo’s main goal was to direct movies and were using the platform to get noticed. Time and again they made attempts to quit but were cajoled into staying back.

As the show became popular it helped a lot of people in their career from the judges to the smallest actors and the anchors.

Some got films, some got something else. None of the other channels could come up with something so cheeky and original that will match up to Zabardasth.

Sometime back Zee channel came up with an idea of a similar show and contacted Nithin and Bharath who made Jabardasth a hit. They wanted them to design 27 episodes and a show based for a festival that lasts three hours. (This was telecast recently ..in November).

So they met the Zee team and agreed to do a show for them and even contacted a few actors in Jabardasth telling them to participate in the show.

Chamak Chandra, Hyper Adhi, Sudigali Sudheer, Kiraak RP all said okay, they agreed but there is a small catch here.

According to Mallemala Entertainments and its agreement, the team is allowed to work in other channels for various programmes but are forbidden from acting in a show of the same genre and type.

The actors and Nithin, Bharath did not know what to do. They approached Naga Babu and apprised them of the situation. They even requested him to initiate a first step to solving this problem and the team will follow suit.

He understood their concerns and said anyone can work anywhere and if it all something legal is coming their way they should quit and he magnanimously ( by then Naga Babu had his own issues which he was planning to take up) used this this opportunity to lead the team and quit.

Mallemala is definitely unhappy and after discussions with ETV allegedly summoned Hyper Aadi to Ramoji Film City and had ‘discussions’ with him.

Hyper Aadi just doesn’t do only a skit, he writes the script for dhee, a successful programme in ETV and also the script of the festival show that runs for 3 hour duration. ETV had helped him become popular and summoned him for talks.

A sweet warning was given to him and Hyper Aadi contacted the rest of the actors. They apparently gave them a piece of their mind which can be termed as a veiled threat by a few. Meanwhile Chammak Chandra and Kiraak preferred to stay with Naga Babu.

Now post the discussion Hyper Aadi and team signed a three year agreement with Mallemala and all the actors who left are back with them now except for two.

All those who approached Naga Babu, indirectly made him come out of Zabardasth with them and instead of hanging on with Zee went back to ETV causing a loss of face to him.

He might have got a big package from Zee but Naga Babu is definitely hurt that the team had been bulldozed into going back and that hurt his ego.

The result he is coming up lengthy, explanations of what, why, how and if….of the programme that went on for so many years, his contribution and what role he played in giving moral support to the team etc.

Those who have time are patiently listening to his Youtube monologues and those who have no idea are wondering if this man is really big that if he moving of the channel will make any difference to anyone at all in the first place.

Various reasons are being given for this drama but Telugu Bulletin made a sincere attempt to bring out the facts.