Exclusive: RRR – Can any one beat remunerations of Rajamouli, NTR and Charan

Rajamouli’s Deadline For Charan And Tarak

Mega budget film RRR is turning out to be a golden goose for the director’s team and two heroes Ram Charan and Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. The film is one of the craziest projects which has been in making from some time. Though the movie initially is scheduled for release in July this year, it has been postponed to Sankranthi next year. While many wondered what is the need for such a craziest film to occupy festive season, this is indeed a master plan from Rajamouli and Co.

It is being speculated officially that RRR is being made on a mammoth budget of 400 Crores but those are closely following the movie can say that these are some bloated figures and actual reality is much less. RRR’s actual budget might vary between 150-200 Crores. There are no costly sets erected for the shoot, no high end VFX shots being used for the film. Mostly the shoot is being carried in natural locations and there is not much grandeur when compared to Baahubali. With these factors, it is said that budget will not cross 200 Crores at maximum.

But RRR team has bloated these figures for much higher business rates. They are selling the movie for over 600-700 Crores worldwide and they have a target of collecting 1000 Cr share from the film. Another factor for less budget is, neither of Rajamouli team (includes music director, costume department, production design etc.,) nor Tarak and Charan are taking remunerations and instead they want shares from the profits.

Business insiders revealed that almost 40 percent share will go to Rajamouli and Co. While the two big stars will have a share of around 20 percent each, 20 percent will remain with producer. If 1000 Crores will be achieved, which looks highly likely, Rajamouli and Co will pocket as much as 400 Crores and both the heroes will take away 200 Crores each.

2 years of time is invested by Ram Charan and Tarak and it will be a block buster deal for them as 100 Crores for one year is a huge amount by their remuneration standards for other biggies. Career wise too, both the heroes’ will achieve pan India image which will help their future movies too. Eitherwise RRR is a jackpot for them.