Exclusive: Rakul shows her manager the door

Rakul Preet

Is it curtains for Rakul Preet Singh in Telugu films? Not really, there are always stories and a requirement for talented and glamorous girls and Rakul Preet seems to suit senior heroes mostly these days.

But the actress has almost had her fill and is looking for greener pastures. In this process, we cannot deny her manager’s role in handling her career.

Since offers are drying in Telugu, the smart lady has dumped her manager for years and has moved to another talent management company belonging to Rana called Kwaan.

The agency had promised to get her endorsements and commercials and give her a resurgence in career especially in Bollywood.

Since they manage South too, she has shown her manager the door. There are no emotions and loyalty involved in a business, it is all about opportunity and money and Rakul knows how to play the game.