Exclusive: Naga Shaurya locks a director before his debut release!

Tb Special: Will Mass Movies Work For Naga Shourya?

Rakshit Atluri, the hero of Palasa 1978 is also the producer of the film. His family runs a sweets store called the Sweet Magic in Vijayawada and Guntur. Heard at one time this place for sweets and savouries was famous but now the quality has drastically come down.

At the preview held for the producer’s family and friends, Naga Shourya and his parents were invited. They were seen telling guests that Naga Shaurya and Rakshit’s family were neighbors one time in Vijayawada.

Shaurya’s family evinced keen interest in the film and invited director Karuna Kumar home for a cup of coffee and to narrate a few stories to them.

Meanwhile, many distributors are coming forward to release the film in a dubbed format. Geeta Arts and UV purchased the rights of the Telugu states.