Exclusive: Huge Remuneration for Samantha’s director!

Samantha Akkineni’s Oh Baby has become a blockbuster hit at the box office. This film has collected Rs 12.3 Crore Share in its full run and Rs 18.2 Crore share worldwide and fetched profits to buyers, distributors and producers. Nandini Reddy has directed this film.

When Nandini Reddy started this movie, there are no hits in her kitty. Therefore, as per her market in the industry, she has completed the movie with a salary base but not with remuneration.

It is heard that the producers of this film kept a deal with Nandini Reddy, if the film turned to be a hit, they would give her a remuneration from profits.

This film has become a blockbuster. So, the producers of this movie calculated all the profits and finally, they have given her one Crore as remuneration.

This is the best and biggest amount in the career of Nandini Reddy in terms of remuneration. As promised, the producers of Oh Baby have given her a good remuneration after the hit.

With the success of this movie, Nandini Reddy has launched a huge budget project in Swapna Cinemas Banner. Actor Nani is expected to play the lead role in this movie.

On the other hand, Nandini Reddy has completed one part of the shooting of Netflix’s Lust Stories.