Exclusive: Dil Raju shelves VV Vinayak’s Seenayya. Find out Reason

Telugu Bulletin Vv Vinayak

VV Vinayak never wanted to put on makeup but it was Dil Raju who insisted that Vinayak act in his production. Raju had a story that suited the age of Vinayak and suggested he try acting. The reluctant director agreed finally and even began sporting a wig.

Just not the shootings, he is seen everywhere with the wig. The latest info is the shooting began sometime back but after a few days it was put on hold as Raju did not like the way it was shaping up. The producer is a shrewd businessman.

If he doesn’t like the way the film is moving, he will shelve it. He will unnecessarily not do anything without a profit. So as of now VV Vinayak film is not happening till further changes are made.

Vinayak doesn’t need to worry about finances because even if he doesn’t have offers after Akhil, he has lot of other avenues where he gets his money from. He has wisely invested in land, theatres and many other properties.