Exclusive: Before film releases, young sensations bags jackpot in AA film!

Tb Inside Scoop: What Went Wrong At Allu Arjun’s Media Party?

We informed you that Palasa 1978 previews are being held and it is getting rave reviews. The film was Taken for distribution Geeta Arts. Bunny Vas and Allu Aravind saw the film and liked it.

Palasa set in Sreekakulam district has a love and a violence element as well. It also has many thrills and newcomer Karuna Kumar has directed it so well and extracted fantastic performances. Director Sukumarvsaw the film one night and loved it.

The next morning he called the director and took the phone numbers of three artistes. He gave opportunities to act in Allu Arjun film, a serious story to be produced by Mytri Movies.

Raja Rao who played an SI, Jagdeesh who played Nakshatra’s brother and Rajashekar (his scenes were cut in the final edit). They all have begun shooting and got full length roles. Sukumar hugged Karuna Kumar and told him to direct movies for Sukumar Writings.