Exclusive: Babu will be hurt!!

This happened not recently cite sources. A super star who need a personal trainer was hired by his actress wife from Mumbai. This trainer and his assistant were given a reasonably decent and a good hotel in Madhapur for their stay for a certain time period. Now the most interesting thing is the star wife instructed the trainer and his team to eat food sent from her home and not order at the hotel.

Their laundry was also done and sent back to the hotel. Everytime anything was ordered by the trainer, the bill would be sent to the star wife and she would call the hotel and ask why and when a particular item was ordered. The trainer who worked with top actors in Bollywood was so frustrated with the parsimonious lady that when his wife and kid came to visit him, he booked a room for them at his own expense and vowed never to work for this super star again.

Sad, these star heroes fleece producers, take their friends and family at the production expense but when it comes to spending their money, they are very careful. Sources say when the production refuses to give something demanded by the star wife, she says “Babu will be hurt andi”. Now who is this Babu is anyone’s guess.