Election Commission jolts TDP

One constant demand, TDP along with other opposition parties across the country had been making for quite some time is to bring back the paper ballot system in place of EVMs.

Congress at the Centre and TDP at the state level, has strongly opposed the EVMs system, alleging that BJP and YSRCP respectively, are manipulating the EVMs and are thus able to win in the elections. So, the opposition parties reached out to the Election Commission demanding for the abolition of EVM system.

Responding to the demand, EC strictly said that there is no question of going back from the EVMs. Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora rejected the contentions of the opposition parties and said that they are creating unnecessary ruckus on the issue.

It is a clear mandate for YSRCP in the election and the TDP was not even near to what the ruling party achieved in the elections. So the TDP’s allegations can be considered as baseless and are aimed at creating a political vacuum but nothing else.

After a humiliating debacle in the recent elections, the latest jolt of the election commission can be considered as another major embarrassment to Naidu’s party, along with the rest other opposition parties like Congress, AAP, Trinamool Congress, who demanded for the paper ballot system.