Dorasani movie review and rating

Director: KVR Mahendra

Producers: Madhura Sreedhar, Yash Rangineni

Music: Prashant Vihari

Casting: Anand Devarakonda, Shivathmika, Vinay Varma, etc.

Rating: 2. 75 / 5


Raju (Anand Devarakonda), a happy going middle class guy falls in love with a rich girl Devaki (Shivathmika) and even the latter reciprocates. The girl’s father who finds about the relation, strictly goes against the guy. What are the problems he faced in winning his love and how did he tackle such problems? The answers for these questions form the rest of the story of Dorasani.


Dorasani story opens in 80s. The story is quite old and was already tested several times in the past. But the proceedings are quite interesting, as the director managed to make it engaging. Anand came up with some decent performance, but the director couldn’t write any good emotions for his character. Shivathmika nailed her performance as Dorasani in the film. She tried to bring out some finest expressions with her eyes, which may fetch her big. Rest other roles are satisfactory.

Technical highlights:

Dorasani proved how best an output can be, when some talented technicians come together. Prashanth Vihari’s songs and background score are the key highlights. Camera work is decent, but editing could have been better. Director Mahendra took an old story, but presented it with good sense of emotions.


The director recreated the 80s environment perfectly and managed to write the scenes, that suit the olden days. Telangana in 80s and the lifestyle, people follow in those days, has been captured well. But the too much predictability in almost every scene, is what disturbs the mood of the audience and at a certain point of time, it would be tough to sit in the theaters.

Finally: Dorasani- Failed to reach the expectations.