Disha case rule on YS Jagan – TDP missing Roja badly?

Disha Case Rule On Ys Jagan – Tdp Missing Roja Badly?
Dibrugarh: Women raise slogans as they protest against government and microfinance companies, in Dibrugarh, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019. (PTI Photo)(PTI11_20_2019_000167B)

Presence of a strong women leader is always a plus for a political party, especially to address the women related issues going on in the state. Among all the women politicians, Roja is considered to be the strongest candidate in AP politics and TDP might be missing her badly.

With the ongoing protests in Amaravathi and lathi charge on the women, TDP is trying to pull in women politicians to speak on the issue and escalate it in the media. TDP leader Anitha came on to the media and mentioned that the YSRC leaders were looking down on women in AP and demanded the Police to file cases on YS Jagan as per Disha case rule.

Anitha further stated that YS Jagan decided to attend the CBI court to escape from the questions asked by media on the women issue in Vijayawada. The way lathi charge happened on women is quite tough to digest and the Police should find alternative ways to control the mob rather than going on with violence.