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Ravi Teja’s ‘Disco Raja’ Movie Review & Rating

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Telugubulletin.com Rating: 2.5/5

Star Cast: Raviteja, Nabha Natesh, Payal Rajput, Tanya Hope, Bobby Simha, Ramki, Sunil, Satya, Vennela Kishore, Naresh.
Director: Vi Anand
Producer: Ram Talluri
Run Time: 148 minutes
Release Date: 24th January 2020

Raviteja has been looking for a solid hit to revive his career which is going through some slump with no hits from the past three years. Mass Maharaja has pinned all his hopes on his latest science fiction drama Disco Raja which has hit the screens today. Let us have a look at the review

Story About..

Based on a science lab experiment Brain dead person Vasu (Raviteja) comes back to life but his memory is erased. In order to find his past and his family, Vasu locks horns with MP and becomes viral. His family comes to know about him and Sethu (Bobby Simha) too. What will Sethu do know? Can Vasu re-collect his memory? What is the past that Vasu shares? What does he have in connection with Disco Raj (Raviteja). Why Vasu hates Disco Raj. What happens finally forms this movie.

On Screen Stars

It was refreshing to see Raviteja in subtle role. He tried his best to suit the character but audience will get the kick when they sees him in Disco Raj character. Raviteja owned that character to perfection. His mannerisms, histronics are to be talked about. Raviteja has performed three different shades in the movie which came out really well.

Bobby Simha steals the show after Raviteja. This national award winning actor has comfortably done the character of Sethu to the T. All the three heroines Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tany Hope has nothing much to do the story. Payal Pajput among these three has got some better role and she did an okay job. Sunil has got multi dimensional character and he is fine. Satya and Vennela Kishore tried to evoke laughs and could only succeed in parts. Ramki is fine. Others have done their job well.

Off Screen Talents

SS Thaman’s golden form has continued for this movie too. All the songs including freak out came out really well. His BGM needs special mention. He has done 100 percent justice. Cinematography is top notch especially in the snow mountains episode. Editing is fine. Art work needs special mention. Vintage look has been created very well in the movie. Direction is just about okay. His concentration is more on Disco Raj and less on the story side. Director failed to give emotional connect. Production values are fine. Dialogues are good.

What’s Hot

Raviteja as Disco Raj

Bobby Simha performance

Pre Interval and Post Interval 30 minutes

Thaman’s Songs and BGM

Chiru cutout scenes

Cornering Bobby Simha episode

What’s Not  

Routine story

Boring screenplay

Weak Second half

No proper comedy

Good concept gets wasted

No strong villanism


Disco Raja needs to perform exceptionally well to recover their business amidst competition between Sankranthi biggies. The movie was needed to get ultra positive reports but that’s not the case now. Disco Raja is your regular revenge drama which is sugar coated with science lab experiment episode. Coming to the box office performance, it all boils down to how well Raviteja can pull off audiences to theaters.

Immediate reaction at Intermission: Nice Interval Bang. Looking forward for second half..

Immediate reaction at end credits: First half is a lot better. Except for Disco Raj character there is nothing much to offer.

Watch or Not?: Yes, if you are a Raviteja fan and can watch a bored film.

Box Office Status:

Disco Raja might end up as average entertainer with the competition it is facing. Next week another interesting movie is set for release. Overall there is tough road ahead for Raviteja. With this kind of average talk and limited theaters release, Mass Maharaja might not be able to pull off this time either. But there are sleek chances as well.

Note: Our Boxoffice prediction is not just based on our rating, but also on various factors like release season, hero stardom and craze of the movie.

                                 Telugubulletin.com Rating: 2.5/5

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03:45AM: Disco Raja Second half report:

Second half starts on a bright note with Disco Raj flash back scenes. Though these scenes are interesting, the film boils down the intensity going towards the climax. The movie takes regular commercial route. There are enough twists in the movie but emotional connect is not there. Wait for the review.

03:32AM: Movie comes to an end with Disco Raj finishing off the villain and Vasu takes care of his family

03:25AM: Twist in the tale. Another new character Anthony Das makes his entry.

03:20AM: Triangle of revenge between vasu, disco and Sethu is on. Film is moving towards pre climax.

03:15AM: Disco Raj goes into disguise after he gets married to Payal Rajput and leaves to Ladakh where an unexpected twist awaits them.

03:10AM:  Scenes other than Disco Raj in action feels a little bit boring

03:05AM: Time for the much awaited melody Nuvvu Naatho Emannavo which was shot very well. Scenes between Raviteja and Payal will match Thaman’s work

03:00AM: Scenes between Raviteja and Payal Rajput are just okay.

02:57AM: Payal Rajput gets introduced into the movie. Disco Raj’s Hindi dialogues are good. But it may appeal to the multiplex audience only.

02:53AM: The way Disco Raj takes revenge on Sethu and sends him to jail is really interesting. It is a mix of comedy and style. Very well conceived.

02:48AM: Sethu is giving tough fight to take over Disco Raj.

02:45AM: Burma Sethu stands out with his acting. Scenes between the both are too good.

02:41AM: Movie comes to present.. Disco Raj goes to Chennai where he was once a don

02:38AM:  Fan moment as Chiru cut scenes are on. This scene brings some laughs

02:35AM: Disco Raj grows as a gangster. Time for Rum Pum Bum song which takes you to the 80s. Camera, Art work, music and dance moves gives the nostalgic feel

02:30AM: Second half starts with 1980s backdrop, Story of Disco Raj. Ramki, Satya and Sunil are part of Disco Raj’s gang

02:28AM:  Disco Raja first half report:

Except for a few boring scenes, Disco Raja first half is promising. Disco Raj’s character gives high for the audience towards interval. Lab experiment scenes are showcased interestingly and twists are packed neatly. Thaman is at work with his BGM. Bobby Simha character is interesting.

02:26AM: Interval Time.. Disco Raj’s character is lively which gets introduced before 15 minutes from interval. It ends the first half on a high

02:22AM: Movie goes in to a high with Disco Raj’s introduction and Sethu becoming to know that Disco Raj is alive.

02:17AM: Raviteja as disco raj is superb. His action, histronics are to watch out for. Thaman is on the roll with BGM. Thaman’s BG score amplifies the entry of Disco Raj in the movie.

02:15AM: Movie is going well along with the story but the typical mass maharaja will be missed for around 30 minutes.

02:10AM: Interesting and unexpected twist has come now through Raviteja Character.

02:08AM: Raviteja’s plan works out but Sethu also comes for him

02:04AM:  Interesting twist. Raviteja is in search for his identity. He slaps MP to become viral

02:00AM: Scene between Ramki (bharani) and bobby simha (sethu) brings goosebumps. Ramki reminds sethu the disco song, shows a glimpse of disco Raja

01:57AM: Director has created enough curiosity so far regarding the snow mountains and the twist behind that

01:53AM: A small twist in the story which might take the story forward. Meanwhile Raviteja family and Naresh are eagerly waiting for Raviteja’s comeback

01:50AM: Comedy scenes are on between Raviteja and Vennela Kishore. This episode is nice and brings some laughter.

01:45AM: Time for the first song Delhi Wala. Song is nice and picturized well. Story goes along with the song

01:40AM: Flash back episodes start. Raviteja as happy go lucky guy.

01:35AM: Raviteja gets his life through this experiment

01:30AM: Actual story starts now.. Story begins with scientists conducting a lab experiment to give life to brain dead and lifeless people. Director has taken an Interesting plot. Have to see how director takes it forward.

01:24AM: Bobby Simha makes his entry as Sethu. He is from Chennai.

01:20AM: Movie moves to Delhi. Ravi Teja gets introduced as Vasu, he gets airlifted from snow mountains to a science lab.

01:15AM: Movie opens in picturesque locales of snow mountains with Raviteja saying “Game has just begun”. Rolling titles started

Disco Raja worldwide first US premier is going to start in a few minutes with run time of 2 hrs 29 minutes.

Live Updates: Disco Raja Movie Usa Premiere Show

For the first time in his career, Raviteja will be seen in a science fiction thriller in which he plays a dual role with three shades..

Raviteja’s Disco Raja movie preview:

Mass Maharaja Raviteja is searching for a hit from some time. His last three films Touch Chesi Choodu, Nela Ticket, Amar Akbar Anthony failed to attract the audiences. He is in need of a super hit to revive his career. His latest film Disco Raja is hitting the screens in few hours. The movie has raised enough curiosity among the movie buffs with its interesting promos and super hit songs. Especially the freak out BGM is much talked about. SS Thaman has composed music for the movie.

VI Anand of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada fame has directed this film which is a science fiction thriller. The movie has Nabha Natesh, Payal Rajput, Tanya Hope playing the female lead characters. Bobby Simha is playing the baddie in the movie. Raviteja fans are believing this movie will become the bounce back film for Raviteja.

The film needs to collect close to 23 crores to be termed as a hit. Does Raviteja still has that charm to pull audience to the theaters with his craze needs to be seen.

Telugubulletin.com will be covering the live updates of the film and will try to publish the review first on net as always. So all the Mass Maharaja fans, stay tuned with us.


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