Preparations on full swing for Cock Fights – Politicians betting big!

Devineni Uma’s Cbi Attack Warning To Ysrc Politicians

Sankranthi is one of the two big festivals in the Telugu speaking states. Among all the districts, Sankranthi is celebrated to the peaks in the Godavari districts. Just like Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu, Cock Fights in Godavari Districts attract heavy attention.

Even though the official numbers won’t be reaching the media, an estimation of few hundreds of Crores will cross hands in the form of betting in these Cock Fights. Few big shot politicians too were said to be participating in the betting and the Cocks were fed with highly nutritious food for almost couple of months before the fight.

As per the information in the media circles, the preparations for Cock Fights are on full swing and the price of each Cock is said to be around Rs.20 – 35 thousand, depending on the way they were fed. Few people specifically spend their time on preparation of the Cocks and sell them before the Sankranthi season and it is said to be an industry in the rural parts of Andhra Pradesh.