Deadline ends, KCR to go strict against TSRTC!

Kcr Taking Revenge On Tsrtc Employees?

The deadline issued to TSRTC employees by Telangana Chief Minister KCR came to an end by last night. So the CM is now planning to announce the latest proposals he took, to make sure that the public will not face any disturbances for travelling.

Only 208 out of the total 48000 employees who are on strike, joined back the duties, owing to the deadline of KCR. The TSRTC management has revealed that only around 1200 workers are on duty, while the total strength is 49,340.

Meanwhile, in the recently held cabinet meeting, it was already decided to bring the private operators on to the road to run their buses on 5100 routes, if the TSRTC employees continue to strike, even after the deadline.

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As the deadline has been completed by Tuesday night, there is an every chance for the dynamic CM to privatize bus services across the state any time. If it happens, then it is obvious that the TSRTC employees, who are on strike, would lose their jobs permanently.

The reports are rife that the TS CM is likely to announce VRS for RTC employees, who were on strike to come for a final settlement, as labor laws dictate that the worker has to be offered a final settlement in case of termination.