Coronavirus (COVID – 2019) kills 242 one Wednesday, 15,000 new cases

Coronavirus (covid – 2019) Kills 242 One Wednesday, 15,000 New Cases

We are aware of the update that the World Health Organization has made changes to the name of how the Coronavirus needs to be addressed. It is now to be called as CO (Coronavirus) VI (Virus) D (Disease) that makes it COVID-2019. The COVID is getting deadlier by the day and is killing hundreds of people around the globe and thousands of people getting newly infected by it.

People around the world have started to believe that if somebody is infected with COVID, then they don’t live. Why is so? Because the trials of Pharmaceuticals to find out a cure are failing and the rate at which the Virus is spreading is getting impossible to control. Only awareness seems to be one solution to stop the spread to minimum and to wait for the cure to come to the markets.

Yesterday alone on Wednesday, almost 242 patients have died with COVID and a total of 15,000 new cases have been registered in China. About 1,355 patients have died until now from COVID in just under 1 week. And total infected cases registered of COVID have crossed 60,000 patients. Out of these, 10,000 patients are believed to be dying very soon according to the analysis.