Corona Virus: 58 Telugu people stuck in Wuhan!

Corona Virus: 58 Telugu People Stuck In Wuhan!

Corona Virus is shaking the entire world, spreading across continents. Apart from Wuhan, China, several cities in North America and Asia identified Corona Virus victims. Meanwhile, China decided to lock down the city of Wuhan to stop the spreading of the virus.

Unfortunately, 58 Telugu Engineering graduates, who went on a training trip to Wuhan got trapped in the city. Due to lock down, they were not able to come back to India. These graduates were said to be working in TCL in Sricity. Parents of these associates were putting pressure on the Indian government to find a way to help them in coming back to India.

A total of 96 members were sent to China for the training. Of them 38 came back in November and the remaining 58 were locked down in Wuhan. Lets hope that the Indian government will try to help the new graduates in staying safe. Stay tuned for more updates.