Congress Vs BJP – Which party wins Telangana RTC’s vote?

TRS politician Errabelli Dayakar Rao stated that Congress and BJP triggered RTC employees to go on a strike and he mentioned that the two parties should be shameful for this act as several people in Telangana are suffering due to the RTC strike.

On one side, Congress leader and Nalgonda MP Uttam Kumar Reddy mentioned KCR’s act as un-constitutional and un-democratic as his decision of dismissing 48000 employees and controlling their voice is not democracy.

On the other side, BJP Telangana spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao stated that Telangana state is in the bankruptcy phase and KCR is trying to save it by selling the RTC lands which are worth few lakhs of crores.

Amidst the strike, political analysts were saying that this time is the right one for Congress and BJP to win the hearts of Telangana people and the RTC’s vote. Both parties are supporting the RTC’s strike and if any one of the party makes a strong move in the support, it would help them during the elections. RTC is in all parts of the state and political analysts are saying that the party which wins the RTC’s vote will have a chance to take over TRS soon.