Commercial not political -Real reason for Mohan Babu meeting Modi

Dialogue King Mohan Babu met Narendra Modi in New Delhi. This news turned into a sensation and the doubts raised in the media on Mohan Babu joining politics through BJP. As Mohan Babu met Narendra Modi with his family, everyone felt that an interesting news will hit the media soon.

Beyond all the expectations, Mohan Babu’s meeting with Narendra Modi is said to be commercial rather than political. It seems that Mohan Babu went to New Delhi to invite Narendra Modi for an event in his school. Manchu Vishnu stated that they asked Narendra Modi to meet the South Indian stars and not to ignore the South Indian film industry over Bollywood.

Narendra Modi is said to have considered the request of Manchu family to meet and greet South Indian film stars. Except for Krishnam Raju, Narendra Modi was not seen much with majority of the South Indian actors. So, we can expect Narendra Modi to visit South India soon.