Choosi Choodangane Movie Review

Choosi Choodangane Movie Review
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Star Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollama, Malavika Satishan
Director: Sesha Sindhu Rao
Producer: Raj Kandukuri
Run Time: 1 Hr 53 minutes
Release date: 31st January 2020


Producer Raj Kandukuri is known for his passionate films. After successfully producing films like Pelli Choopulu, Mental Madilo, Raj has introduced his son Shiva into movies with Choosi Choodangaane. Debutante Sesha Sindhu Rao has directed the movie. Choosi Choodangane has created enough interest among audiences with its songs and promos. Let us have a look at the review.

Story About..

Choosi Choodangaane follows a very routine plot. Siddhu (Shiva Kandukuri) is a happy go lucky guy who is weak in studies. His Mom scolds and makes him join B.Tech through management quota. He falls in love with Aishwarya (Malavika Satishan) there. Somehow their love story ends in breakup. Cut into the story after three years, Siddhu becomes wedding photographer. Shruti (Varsha Bollama) falls in love with Siddhu. However few misunderstandings happen in the love story which makes Shruti to get engaged to somebody else. How Siddhu and Shruti unite after some confusion is the crux of the story.

On Screen Stars

It is an okay debut for Shiva Kandukuri. He looks decent and has given OK performance. There is no stand out scene for him to judge. He hasn’t impressed that much in his role though. Varsha Bollama shines in this predictable tale of love. Her eyes are expressive which gives edge. She has done a commendable performance in the second half. Comedian Venkatesh Kakamanu’s comedy timing is good. He is the only relief in this routine tale. Avasarala Srinivas’s guest role is of no use. Pavitra Lokesh and Anish Kuruvilla as hero’s parents did what routine parents characters usually do. Malavika Satishan is limited to few scenes and a song in the movie.

Off-Screen Talents

Coming to technicalities, Gopi Sundar should get the first mention. His melodies are impressive. Lyrics are meaningful which adds more value to the song. Cinematography is nice and every frame looks pleasant to eyes. Though the movie has a crisp run time of 1 Hr 53 minutes it gives lag feeling. Few scenes in first half can be chopped off. Production values are good. Debutante Sesha Sindhu Rao has failed to narrate a fresh story. Even though a routine one, she didn’t opt for an entertaining narration. Most of the scenes have lag which hinders the experience.

What’s Hot

Not much to say except for

– Varsha Bollama’s performance

– Melodies

– The scene where heroine goes to hero flat and disturbs him mid night

What’s Not

– Entire first half barring songs

– Emotion less scenes

– Weak climax


It will be shocking to see such a product from a passionate producer like Raj Kandukuri. He failed to give his son a decent launch. Routine story, predictable screenplay, life less scenes make the movie boring.

Immediate reaction at Intermission: Not impressive, All depends on first half

Immediate reaction at end credits: Godd! Another time waste flick

Watch or Not?: Please save your time!

Box Office Status: As Choosi Choodangane is made mostly with newcomers, openings will be low and all depends on the word of mouth. We have to see how audiences react to this predictable love entertainer.

Note: This is not only depends on our rating.. this will be based on how the movie, release season, hero stardom and craze of the movie. Rating: 1.5 

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Second half report: Compared to first half, second half is a bit better. Varsha Bollamma’s performance stands out. Chemistry between the lead pair worked well. Climax is predictable and routine though. Full review will be out very soon.

10.40 A.M: Finally It is a happy ending with some twists and turns.

10.35 A.M: Hero gets to know what ia happening behind him. Movie is going towards climax

10.33 A.M: Changes in emotions.. an emotional scene leads to another emotional song

10.24 A.M: Situational comedy turns hilarious

10.12 A.M: One more heart break for the hero

10.07 A.M: Movie comes back to present after the song

10.00 A.M: Time for a soulful melody Venakane Unna

09.55 A.M: Post interval movie shifts to college scenes again. These are interesting again

First Half report: Music is the main asset of the film. Songs are good. Though first half has some pleasant scenes and decent comedy, the story & treatment of the film is very routine. Anyone can expect what will happen next.

09.50 A.M: Movie comes to interval with small twist

09.45 A.M: Routine scenes between hero and heroine where they both reveals their past

09.44 A.M: Time for super hit song Parichayam which was sung Sriram

09.40 A.M: Hero and heroine gets introduced to each other through a common friend

09.38 A.M: Varsha’s name is Shruti who is wannabe music composer

09.24 A.M: Hero misses out on college and becomes wedding photographer. He finally meets main heroine Varsha Bollamma

09.15 A.M: It is time for the second song Hey.. Ooo which has started with heroine kissing hero. However the song ends in a breakup

09.08 A.M: Siddhu joins college and as a result of the ragging from seniors he gets introduced with a girl. These scenes are refreshing and little bit romantic

09.00 A.M: It is time for the first song which is trendy

08.55 A.M: Shiva Kandukuri gets introduced in the role of Siddhu. He fails to get good rank in EAMCET. Upon his Mother’s force he joins B.Tech in management quota

08.50 A.M: Choosi Choodagaane which introduces Raj Kandukuri’s son Shiva Kandukuri has just now started with a crisp run time of 1 hr 53 minutes.

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